What makes a great heroine

No one wants to read about a heroine who is too stupid to live. You also don’t want to read about someone who is too perfect. So, what makes a good heroine?

I would say that she’s relatable. Either her experiences resonate, you have similar backgrounds, or you know someone like her. Maybe your situations are different and you want to see how she handles them.

I like to write about strong heroines. Smart slightly broken (flawed, something that can’t be healed by love but from them learning they are enough and are worthy no matter their past) A sense of humor is a must, mostly because I think I’m funny. She may be silly, or she may have witty responses, a dry sense of humor, use sarcasm as a shield or find laughter in the corny and mundane.

I love a heroine who is a little like me in someway. Maybe we share the same background or education. We’re similar enough that I can see myself in how she reacts to different situations. But we’re different enough that I get a peak in someone else’s life. It’s a fine balance between this could be me and a chance to see how the other half lives. What about you? What Heroine’s do you like to read about?

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