What makes a great hero?

I like a confident bordering on cocky with a hint of arrogance male lead. To me, the difference between an alpha hero and a beta is alpha’s lead with the cocky and are afraid to be vulnerable. Whereas beta’s are secure in their confidence and ability to be vulnerable. 

But I do have a question. Why are all hero’s hot? (Hot defined as tall, six pack abs and usually a full head of hair) We find heroines in different shapes (tall, short, average, pear, apple, rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle) and sizes (extra small, through plus sizes) So what about guys? Why don’t we find real world examples? 

I would like to write and read some unconventionally attractive hero’s in books. It’s nice to escape into ‘ten’ territory, but I’d love to write about a love like mine (We don’t all need a tall guy.)

Would you want to read a romance with an unconventional hero? What traits do your favorite hero’s have?

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