Taylor Vaughn Alien Series

Who doesn’t love a good book about Aliens and Humans? I know I do and I just started reading this series. The second book came out 6/23/2019 and I quickly downloaded it and read it.

Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you. I’ve included the first book in the series below. My likes to come soon. Let me know what you liked and didn’t and if you haven’t read it…

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  1. J-Pom

    Ooh, I just read Prey, my very first alien-human romance novel. Just kidding, it’s mostly sex. No time for romance in outer space in the future! Could have used another edit, but all in all, I enjoyed it-

  2. Megan Ganesh

    J-Pom, thanks for reaching out. I will have to check it out. What else have you read lately?


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