Love and the Single Mom

Why don’t single moms get more ‘love’

Many people don’t want to date a mom (parent). (I don’t know why, because moms and all people are awesome, unless you’re a jerk and you know who you are ;-)) So why don’t people want to date a mom (parent)? 

Because when you’re a mom (or a parent) you don’t behave as you would if you didn’t have dependents. You can’t focus your time on your partner (this is true in marriage when you have children).

Kids, especially small ones, require a lot of time focus and energy, but I think there is another part to the equation. 

Mom’s (parent’s) might not want to date because it won’t be only them dating. Not only do they have to get to know their partner, but their child down the line will and in this kind of high stakes relationship, there is more riding on finding love.

You must decide when to introduce the person to your child, but also have a plan for if they are no longer in a relationship with you, how it will impact the relationship between partner and kid. 

It’s all tricky and I haven’t had to do it, but I watched my mom, who was a single mother, not bother at all. And it was sad to think about her giving up on love for me, because I wanted it for her. We should give love a shot, because we all fall in love.

What reasons do you think I might have missed for someone not wanting to date a single mom or for a single mom to not want to date? 

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