Love and the Single Dad

Would you date a single dad (parent)? 

Most people wouldn’t. They say they don’t want the drama, or they believe something is ‘wrong’ with them. But are there any benefits to dating a single dad (parent)?

What you learn when dating a single dad (parent)?

You can learn so much when you date a single father (parent), especially things you wouldn’t know from a guy (person) without kids. The biggest one is you learn what type of father they are, which, let’s be honest, being a nice guy (person) doesn’t make a nice or ‘good’ father (parent). You can see their priorities and how they care for their child(ren) Single dads (parents) don’t always have to have baby mama (partner) drama, they could be widowed or co-parenting amicably.

In my opinion, the only reasons for not dating a person with kids is you don’t want kids, and/or you are not a good fit relationship wise. A good dater doesn’t make a suitable partner and having kids doesn’t stop you from wanting love.

So why don’t people give them a chance? Because we all fall in love.

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