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How We Met

One thing everyone always asks a couple is “So how did you two meet?” To me I feel this question is asked for many different reasons. Some by people happily coupled off who love love and want to fall in love again listening to your story. By those who believe you and your partner are an unusual (to them) or interesting (again to them) match and want to know how you two crazy kids found each other. And lastly, by those who are single and are thinking, well if you found someone, surely I can too, but just to be safe. Tell me how you did it.

So… How did we meet?

We met on (This is usually followed by ohhs and head nods and glances into the distance as they ponder how desperate or insane or both I am.) Both my husband and I had been on match before, but hadn’t found anyone and got off. Luckily for both of us we got back on and found each other.

What was your first date like?

We went to a restaurant in D.C. I drove and he metro-ed from work. (He likes to tease me that I didn’t want to meet him, but it was because it was D.C. and I wasn’t too excited about driving down there.) I was so surprised when I saw him because, I thought he was heavier. (This is because he had mostly head shots and he has a big head (which I love) and a lot of hair) But he was more of a runner’s build with a full head of hair and then some. (We still compete over who has the most hair per square inch because, yeah. We’re weird that way.)

I’m surprised we made it past the first date. (Don’t worry. It wasn’t a bad date. But I do have some bad date stories to tell. Coming to you in another post.)  Because I’m a hugger and my husband isn’t with strangers. (Which I was) But before the date was over he asked me for another and another and another. (I’m also the weirdo who when he asked me on the second date, I said “How do you even know if you like me?”)

During his proposal, he actually took be back to the first restaurant and several others but I’ll save that story for another time.

So… How did you meet your partner?

Do you think there are any other reasons why people ask how you met your partner?

What were your first impressions of each other and did they change?

I’d love to hear your stories.

Looking forward to connecting with you,


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