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Fresh Starts

Back to school can start the beginning of new friendships and can be a fresh start in romantic relationships after a summer fling or break up. When you’re dating, you don’t only have to kiss a few or more frogs in your search for the “one”, but you must go on some dates and get out there. Which leads us to what I want to talk about.

Bad dates.

I haven’t been on a date in a while, but I do remember putting myself out there and having some not so great first or second or third meets. Going through them wasn’t always great, but on the other side they made for some very entertaining stories to tell my friends.

Like the guy who I thought we were meeting in a halfway spot had me drive to what was a short walk for him from his office to sit on his phone the whole time and then when the bill came, he said the amount of my order under his breath.

Or the guy who ate my leftovers from our dinner because he paid for it. (His words, not mine.) What was even more awkward was seeing him at church months later, where he first pretended not to know or recognize me. By then I was dating my now husband.

So why am I sharing?

I want to open it up to my readers to share some bad dates that they can or can’t laugh about now or even good dates!

Looking forward to connecting with you,


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